Monthly Checklist

Take 10 minutes each month to run through the following checklist of things that you can do to make sure your car is in top shape:

  • Wash your car to preserve your paint's luster and finish
  • check/replace engine oil and filters
  • check/replace fuel and air filters
  • make sure your windshield wipers are not wearing down and top off your washer fluid
  • check your tire pressure and tire wear
  • regularly balance and rotate your tires, and check your alignment, if you notice uneven wear
  • inspect or replace brake pads
  • check your brake, transmission, power steering and engine coolant fluid levels
  • inspect or replace spark plugs and battery if you notice your vehicle having trouble starting
  • check all lights to make sure they turn on properly
  • make sure your car is not displaying any fault codes or warning lights

Following this monthly checklist will help you avoid costly repairs or breakdowns on the side of the road!

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