Transmission Repairs

Transmission Repair in Baltimore, MD

One of the first types of transmission system repair would be flushing your transmission fluids that have reached end-of-life or have lost effectiveness. This service, alone, can increase the life of the transmission and prevent much larger problems in the future.

Like any other mechanical system in your vehicle, your transmission consists of gears and moving parts that require lubrication and fluid.  This fluid adds a layer of protection and coating to the gears to prevent wear and tear and gear slippage. We'd recommend performing a fluid flush on the transmission fluid every 30K miles.

Stop by to get your transmission checked if:

  • Your automobile won't move or shows problems when shifting gears
  • Transmission is extraordinarily loud or makes grinding noises when shifting
  • Transmission appears to be slipping
  • Leaking transmission fluid (magenta colored and sweet smelling)
  • Your check Engine light is on

With a transmission fluid flush, we will:

  • drop the pan and remove the old fluid
  • replace the fluid and transmission filter
  • inspect the transmission for any additional signs of wear and tear
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